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A guide how to become a cracker and how to survive in the underground world

Author: Mr ehasn sheytoon
contact me at: ehsan_sheytoon_666@mbox.digsys.bg

In this guide I want to explain you the difference between hacker and cracker.
I'll also talk about how to become a cracker and how to survive in the underground
world of the net. I do not take any responsibility about anything happen after
reading this guide.It's for educational purposes only.I'm only telling you how to
do it not to do it it's your decision. And don't forget :
You never now who is watching you!!!!!!!


There have been many articles written (particularly on the Internet) about the
difference between hackers and crackers. In them, authors often attempt to correct
public misconceptions.

For many years, the American media has erroneously applied the word hacker
when it really means cracker. So the American public now believe that a hacker is
someone who breaks into computer systems. This is untrue and does a disservice
to some of our most talented hackers.

There are some traditional tests to determine the difference between hackers and
crackers. I provide these in order of their acceptance. First, I want to offer the
general definitions of each term. Those definitions are as follows:

-A hacker is a person intensely interested in the arcane and recondite
workings of any computer operating system. Most often, hackers are
programmers. As such, hackers obtain advanced knowledge of operating
systems and programming languages. They may know of holes within
systems and the reasons for such holes. Hackers constantly seek further
knowledge, freely share what they have discovered, and never, ever
intentionally damage data.

-A cracker is a person who breaks into or otherwise violates the system
integrity of remote machines, with malicious intent. Crackers, having gained
unauthorized access, destroy vital data, deny legitimate users service, or
basically cause problems for their targets. Crackers can easily be identified
because their actions are malicious.

I hope now you know what's the difference between hacker and cracker. Now I'll talk about

The first thing I'll advice you to do is to start reading a lot. This is the best way of learning
something but reading without practising is nothing. Don't forget to practice cause you may read
all the text files and guides on the net but without practicing you'll know everything theatrical.
Go on the net and search for guides and text files. Every hacking web site has a lot of them. Read
everything learn about all operating systems.

You must know the net.Learn how is the net organized everything about the net. Learn the net
and it'll help you. Make friends not enemies. There're a lot of people out there which will help you
but they won't talk to people saying things like "how can I hack ICQ" or "learn me to hack please".
These are stupid questions. Always be individual cause if you're lucky you'll find someone to tell
you and learn you but after that you'll depend on this man you'll ask him or her for everything. No
this is not right. Be individual learn at your own. If you know something don't keep it for you.
SHARE IT if everyone is not writing guides and telling the other's what he or she has found what
will be the net then nothing there'll be only some people who rule everything and who know many
things than the other people. Learn things about the hackers and the crackers what they do why
they do it. Go to every hacking page you can find on all of them you'll find something unique that
will help you a lot. Learn what trojan horse is learn about the viruses and the famous hacking
groups. Talk to them ask them for something but don't ask stupid questions. Start writing guides
and tell the world what you know. If you find any good friends make a group but not lamers group
make real group. Start helping the people punish the intruders and teach those who don't know.

As I said make friends not enemies. Don't say stupid things to the other people cause you never
know who is the person you're talking to. It can be a REAL GOOD cracker that will completely
destroy you. Remember there's always someone who knows more than you out there. So don't get

Don't hack pages just for fun hack only when needed otherwise you may get caught and busted.

Before starting to crack learn the main things what's web page what's IP telnet,ftp,www,e-mail
everything possible. Learn how they are working and they you'll be able to find bugs in these
things and you'll be able to break in them.

One very important thing is to learn to program you may learn C++ or Visual Basic. You see on the
net there're a lot of tools and programs. But sometime you may need program that you can't find
if you know how to program you can create it and then send it over the net. Remember you must
be useful with something. There're a lot of pages on net explaining how to program. Everything
you need is on the net. Go and take it.

Now I'll tell you some other things. Trust noone. There're a lot of people destroying computers
just for fun. They are the lamers. Stupid people who wants to destroy you. Don't accept files from
anyone. If the person who is sending you is lamer he or she will send you a virus if the person is
something more he or she will send a trojan horse and then destroy your computer. Don't talk
about your cracking plans on the net cause you never know who is watching you!!!!

+ احسان شیطون ; ٦:٤٦ ‎ق.ظ ; پنجشنبه ٢٤ بهمن ،۱۳۸۱
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